Shampoo or conditioner first? Answer

Shampoo or conditioner first

People usually remain confused about the question of shampoo or conditioner first, as they don’t know, what thing they should use first. Many experts advise you to follow your routine, which is to apply shampoo first and then conditioner, but the latest research shows that the reverse washing method is much more effective. They present their research with the logic that it reduces hair damage, but the choice is still up to you.

What are the benefits of doing conditioner before shampoo?

When you shampoo, you strip all the natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy, but on the other hand, if you apply conditioner first rather than shampoo, then it gives your hair an oily texture, which prevents the removal of essential natural oils and hence prevents hair damage. This reverse washing method has many benefits, as it makes your hair ready to reduce the harmful effects of shampoo and to keep it nourished still after applying shampoo. Not only this but applying shampoo first can also allow you to get rid of product buildup at your head surface.

How to apply conditioner before shampooing?

There is no specific way to apply conditioner, but conditions may vary depending on the type of hair. A person with oily hair should apply conditioner for less time. On the other hand, dry hair may take longer as it needs more time to be nourished and smoothed.

You should apply a limited quantity on your hair exactly according to the requirement, because excessive conditioner may weaken the roots of your hair. So, try to act upon this advice to avoid any situation like that.

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What to keep in mind while doing the reverse washing process?

Before doing anything, you must be familiar with the benefits and side effects of that thing, so that you can come to know, what you should do or what doesn’t. So, let’s have a look at the points given below:

  • Apply the appropriate quantity mentioned on the conditioner
  • The ends of the hair are very sensitive as compared to the roots and require extra treatment. Don’t forget to apply TLC at the ends before applying conditioner
  • Double cleansers can also be used on specific occasions for extra nourishment and smooth hairs
  • Make sure to avoid applying conditioner daily as it may weaken your hair. You can apply conditioner twice a week
  • Don’t apply conditioner on dry hair, wet it first to avoid any discomfort
  • The temperature of water also matters a lot as it may directly affect your hair in a good or bad way. You should wash your hair with normal water
  • Wash your hair gently, rough hands may damage your roots. Proper massage makes you feel happy and relax
  • Visit your stylist once a month to make sure that there is no serious problem with your hair, or otherwise seek guidance or treatment

Most popular and trending conditioners

Yeah, it’s also another interesting question for people to know about the right conditioners, which are more beneficial for their hair. Some of the most popular conditioners, having high demand in the market, are mentioned as under:

    • Ageless Gray Control Duo
    • GRO ageless Gray Delay Hair Supplement
    • GRO well Hair Boost Supplement Powder
    • GRO Biotin Gummies

Apart from these, various conditioners have a good effect on your hair and make it suitable for special occasions and make you look more beautiful.

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Is it harmful to use shampoo first before conditioner?

No of course not, that’s not true. As you have already read it depends on the thoughts and will of the people, that’s all. But yes, you can choose what to do by comparing their effects and side effects and by comparing public reviews of these washing methods. Shampoo or conditioner first is somehow a trending and confusing question, but our platform tries to give you answers to your questions. I hope this guide removes your all confusion about shampoo and conditioner use.

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