Divine Compere and Elaine Park: An Intriguing Case of Disappearance

Divine Compere and Elaine Park

The mysterious disappearance of Elaine Park has captivated the public’s attention and sparked numerous theories. One name that frequently appears in discussions about her case is Divine Compere.

Background of Elaine Park

Elaine Park, a 20-year-old aspiring actress and musician from La Crescenta, California, vanished on January 28, 2017. Known for her vibrant personality and active social life, Elaine’s sudden disappearance left her family and friends in a state of shock and despair. Despite numerous searches and widespread media attention, her whereabouts remain unknown.

Who is Divine Compere?

Divine Compere, the son of wealthy businessman Shakim Compere, is essential in the investigation into Elaine Park’s disappearance. The Compere family owns several businesses and has a notable presence in the entertainment industry. Divine, dating Elaine at the time of her disappearance, has been under intense scrutiny from the public and investigators alike.

Timeline of Events

January 27, 2017

Elaine Park was last seen alive on January 27, 2017. She spent the evening with Divine Compere at his family’s Malibu home. According to Divine, they watched movies and listened to music before falling asleep.

January 28, 2017

Divine reported that Elaine left his home around 6 a.m. on January 28. Surveillance footage from the Compere residence corroborates this, showing Elaine’s car leaving the property. This was the last confirmed sighting of Elaine Park.

January 30, 2017

Elaine’s car, a 2015 Honda Civic, was discovered abandoned on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu, two days after she was last seen. Her personal belongings, including her phone, wallet, and keys, were found inside the vehicle, but there were no signs of a struggle or foul play.

The Investigation

Initial Search Efforts

The initial search for Elaine Park involved law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and numerous volunteers. Extensive ground and aerial searches were conducted in the areas surrounding where her car was found, but no significant leads were discovered.

Divine Compere’s Involvement

Given his close relationship with Elaine, investigators extensively questioned Divine Compere. Despite being cooperative and providing detailed accounts of the night Elaine disappeared, some inconsistencies in his statements have led to ongoing suspicion.

Public Speculation and Media Coverage

The case has garnered substantial media attention, leading to widespread public speculation. Various theories have emerged, ranging from abduction to voluntary disappearance. The media scrutiny has also placed Divine Compere and his family under the spotlight, with many questioning their involvement in the case.

Key Theories and Speculations

Foul Play

One prevalent theory is that Elaine met with foul play either on the morning she disappeared or shortly thereafter. Given the mysterious circumstances and the lack of concrete evidence, some speculate that she may have been the victim of a crime that has yet to be uncovered.

Voluntary Disappearance

Another theory posits that Elaine may have chosen to disappear voluntarily. Her struggles and the pressures of her aspiring career could have contributed to a decision to start anew, though this is highly debated given her close ties with family and friends.

Accidental Death

There is also the possibility that Elaine’s disappearance was the result of an accidental death, potentially occurring in a remote area where her body has yet to be found. The treacherous terrain near Malibu could have played a role in such an unfortunate event.

Current Status of the Case

Despite extensive efforts, Elaine Park remains missing, and the case is classified as an active investigation. Her family continues to seek answers and has offered a substantial reward for any information leading to her whereabouts.

Ongoing Searches and Leads

Periodic searches and new leads continue to emerge, though none have yet led to a significant breakthrough. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department maintains that the case remains open and that any new information is thoroughly investigated.

Community Support and Awareness

Elaine’s disappearance has fostered a strong community support network, with numerous awareness campaigns and social media efforts aimed at keeping her story in the public eye. Her family and friends remain hopeful that someone will come forward with crucial information.

According to Reddit:

A user of Reddit said: that Elaine left Div’s house to go buy them some drugs. That’s why she turned on the shared location app with him. (When Div was interviewed he said she didn’t even talk to him at all when she woke up…that was a lie). Div accidentally fell back asleep when he was supposed to be tracking her. The drug dealer killed her (maybe raped her and killed her). When Div woke back up at 10:00 he started blowing up her phone because he didn’t know what happened to her. Div’s phone HAD all the answers!!! He knows!!! He didn’t talk at first because it would have put him in a drug deal and now he’s not talking because too much time has passed and he would look bad!!! As far as her mom goes…I think she’s just very crazy but didn’t have anything to do with it.



The disappearance of Elaine Park and the involvement of Divine Compere remain shrouded in mystery. Despite the passage of time, the quest for answers continues, driven by the unwavering determination of Elaine’s loved ones and the dedicated efforts of investigators. This case underscores the complexities of missing persons investigations and the enduring hope for resolution.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Compere and Elaine Park: An Intriguing Case of Disappearance

  1. I can’t believe that his answer to “why did Elaine share her location with you?” was “no comment” and Neil and Jaden were just like “oh okay”.

    I heard about this case before the podcast from Danielle Hallan’s YouTube channel. After that video, I thought well obviously Div. Then the podcast came and I thought well obviously Susan. Now the podcast is over and I’m back to Div but unlike how I felt about him before, I don’t think he directly killed her but that he knows way more about what happened and cares more about getting in trouble for drugs (as a rich kid who would’ve been able to get out of it anyway) than finding this girl he claimed to care about.

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