Peacocktv com tv activate

Peacocktv com tv activate

Different platforms are streaming but the most trending streaming service nowadays is Peacock TV. It allows its users to access original series, TV shows, movies, news, and sports programs. It provides its users with three subscription plans; free, premium, and premium plus. In this guide, we’ll let you know about the Peacocktv com tv activate.

Free subscription plan:

The free subscription plan is accompanied by occasional advertisements. This plan features 13,000 hours of content.

  • Premium subscription plan:

The premium subscription plan ($4.99/month) features 20,000 hours of content and it contains Ads.

  • Premium Plus subscription plan:

The most expensive plan is the premium plus plan and the main feature of this plan is that it is ad-free and goes for $10 per month.

How to activate Peacock TV on your device?

Above we have discussed, how many plans are available and also listed their subscription costs, but before using Peacock TV you must know, “How to activate Peacock TV on your device?”

Compatible devices:

Peacock is available on the following devices:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • PS4
  • Chrome cast
  • LG Smart TVs
  • PlayStation
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Vizio TV
  • X-box
  • Cox

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Here are the steps used to activate peacock on the devices listed above.

Amazon firestick:

You can easily use Peacock TV on Amazon Firestick. The next is to understand how users can install Peacock TV on this device.

Firstly, start the process by turning the firestick on.

  1. Then type find in the Home, and then click on the search button.
  2. Scroll the page until you find the peacock TV.
  3. The next step is to click on it to download it.
  4. After completing the installation, you can use it easily. To sign in to the app, you have to enter the code.

Smart TV:

Some users thought it difficult to download apps on smart TVs, but it’s very simple. You just have to make sure that you are connected to the internet. After that, search it in the search bar. You can install it on your smart TV by following the given procedure. Read more about Amazon Prime Video expanding Watch Party to more streaming devices and smart TVs.

  1. For installing a peacock, on a smart TV, the first step is to activate it. But for this step, you need a device that has already signed in to Peacock.
  2. Download Peacock (a code will appear on the screen ).
  3. Note that code. Use Web Browser on your phone or PC. Visit com/activate.

 Apple TV:

Turn on your TV go to the app store and then search for this app by using the keyboard. And simply download it. After complete installation, the next step is to launch the app and after launching it, you have to sign in. After that, you can use the app after reading the instructions.

Android TV:

The same method is used for installing this app on Android TV. The same steps should be followed. After that, you can enjoy your TV shows, and watch them without any interruption.


It’s also very simple to use this app on PS4. The same method is followed for this device. For every device, the first step is to connect to the internet and then search for it (peacock )in the app store, and after finding it, click on it to download it. After complete installation, sign in and you can select the subscription package of your choice.

Peacock TV price and trial period to try it for free 

Peacock TV offers three tiers:

Peacock Premium (with ads)

Peacock Premium (ad-free)

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