You can now buy Queen Elizabeth’s Nintendo Wii in 24-karat gold for 2.5 million SEK

Time for some royal clothes on the TV shelf?

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For those who don’t think today’s gaming consoles even match luxury style or those who just want to grab one of the rarest gaming devices ever, there is now a 24k gold-clad Nintendo Wii on sale at EBay.

The console also comes with an interesting story to say the least. During game launch Great family games (Such as Wii Sports Focusing on “popular” games such as the horseshoe throw), publisher THQ chose an odd PR trick, sending the game and a gold-coated console as a gift to the Queen of England herself.

Foto: Donny Fillerup / ebay

The idea wasn’t completely airdropped then Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth challenged her sons to go bowling at Wei Sports. It is unclear if the gold console ever reached the Queen as the British court does not allow any gifts to pass without a thorough security check.

Anyway, in 2017, the gold console reached the collector Donny Fillerup that he has now chosen to part with. However, anyone wanting to free Donnie from his group’s crown jewel can count on coughing up just over 2.5 million crowns, but then BIG Family Games are also included – what a chapter!

You will find an advertisement for the console Here.

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