You are not prepared to waste the future of our planet

It is indisputable that the climate changes due to anthropogenic emissions. The idea that climate change has significant negative consequences has been disproved. This has been proven time and time again according to the scientific method. Unfortunately, there has generally been a lack of substantive action to tackle climate change. Little has been achieved at the political level, either at the global level or at the local level.

To tackle the climate crisis, action is needed. It does not work to refer to other countries or regions to waive their responsibility. The European Union must do its part, Sweden must do its part, and here in Sweden, the regions and municipalities must bear their weight. Solutions are already in place, and more efficient tools are being searched daily. What is lacking is not opportunities, what is lacking is taking advantage of them.

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Bohuslan has always been dependent on the sea. It provided food and meals in addition to relaxation. For a long time it was seen as an inexhaustible and indestructible resource. We know better today, but insufficient efforts are still being made to protect the sea from climate change and acidification.

On land, the forest has given us housing and materials, but it is now used in many cases in an unsustainable manner, at the same time that it is becoming increasingly vulnerable during periods of droughts or attacks by spruce beetles, problems exacerbated by climate change. . Influences are not just on nature, we humans are also directly vulnerable to our actions.

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What is being done now with the Earth’s climate is like throwing dice about our future. Is it a risk we are willing to take? I know I am not. Now is the time for us to recognize that we are in a state of planetary crisis, and to demand that we act accordingly. It is not too late, but we can no longer wait. All too often, climate policy has been marked by empty promises, but they no longer hold. We don’t have time for other years without work. No more empty promises.

Alexander Ahl

Climate activist and PhD student in marine sciences

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