Xbox Game Pass – March 2021 – Part 1

New Month so new games come to Xbox Game Pass! March begins in the spirit of sports with a whole host of sports franchises dropping their annual games on service, some of them via EA Play and which as you know are included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This way we also get it Star Wars SquadronsFierce space battles await!

Release dates Star Wars: Swarms And the NHL 21 Mysterious, with only the months in question (March and April) specified so it remains to be seen exactly when they will arrive. It should simply sync with the EA. If you aren’t interested in sports or don’t have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the start of the month might be a bit weak, but it will be over in a couple of weeks as usual.

If you want to see what came to XGP in February, you will find my posts Here And the Here.

Madden NFL 21 (Ute nu, konsol – EA Play)

Football Manager 21 (March 4, console + computer)

NBA 2K21 (4 Mars, console + cloud)

Star Wars: Swarms (Mars, Console – EA Play)

NHL 21 (April Consol – EA Play)

As usual, some games leave the service this time. March 15: Chronicles of Alvastia, Astrologaster, Bloody RotN, Kona And the The Witcher 3.

Xbox Game Pass

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