World record holder Van Neckerck splits with “great-grandmother”

Van Niekerk had massive success with the 78-year-old Buta, in addition to the world record of 43.03 from Track Eight in the Olympic final in Rio de Janeiro 2016, South Africa won the gold medal at the World Cup in 2015 and 2017.

However, the 28-year-old suffered a serious knee injury in October 2017 after participating in an exhibition match in rugby and running in 2018 and 2019 without races the 400-meter distance favorite. In the fall he came back and ran 45.58 steps.

The collaboration started in 2012

The collaboration with the “Great Grandma” began in 2012 when Van Neckerck started at Coffses University in Bloemfontein, where Anna “Anse” Botha worked as an athletics coach for 25 years. But now, Van Nykerk is leaving South Africa and Botha to train with superstar coach Lance Bruman, who has secured the 200m world champion Noah Lyles, and 400m Olympic champion Shawn Miller Oibo in Florida – standing stable.

I have enjoyed training with Ans and her group, but in order to break the world record, I need to train with the best runners in the world, according to Reuters.

I feel that a temporary move to the United States is the best thing to take advantage of my interests in the near future, says Van Niekerk, who will evaluate the plan after the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer.

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