World Cup 2019 • England rages up after defeat to USA: ‘unsportsmanlike’

Ellen White scored a goal for her with the England national team but he did not help her. Christine Press of the USA and Alex Morgans played their part and led their team to the World Cup Final.

So it was the inconsolable white who left the arena in Lyon around midnight.

– I am very disappointed. But I am very proud and very proud to be an Englishman. “We gave it all there,” says White, “but it wasn’t enough.”

The England striker was involved in most matters. In addition to her certified goal, she had another ball in the net – but it was eliminated for offside.

She then fixed the penalty kick missed by Steve Hutton.

He is brave you take the punishment, I feel proud now, says White.

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White criticizes the United States

As she is England’s top scorer, it is possible to ask why White is not interested in a penalty kick.

– I don’t take penalties and I won’t. Management makes those decisions. Steve takes penalties, it’s the courage to do so. She (Alyssa Naher) saved her, so sometimes, White says and supports his colleague.

However, she was not positive about the US action at the end of the match as they took to the corner flag to pass the time.

I don’t want to say much but … some may be non-athletic, and that is what they win. They keep the ball in the corner.

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Moore slams the verdict

Instead, English vault jumper Jade Moore directed his criticism in another direction.

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– That’s a terrible pill to swallow. This loss is very heavy. We played a good game but it wasn’t a good result. Moore says he does not feel fair, the judge was not on our side today.

On the other hand, goalkeeper Carly Telford is the referee in defense.

– The referee took questionable decisions, but we are the ones who play football there and not it. It is our responsibility to put the ball in the net and give an explanation of why the United States can win, Telford says.

You could say we showed them a lot of respect. We have given them two chances in situations where they are extremely powerful. We punished.

The loss means England will have to go to Nice to play a bronze match on Saturday. There they meet the loser in the match between Sweden and the Netherlands.

The winner of that match will face the United States in the final in Lyon on Sunday.

Sophia Jacobson honored for her fellow national team.

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