Women’s national team in the United States with new charges against their union

In March, the 28 players, the backbone of the team that became the world champion this summer, filed a lawsuit against their association for, among other things, gender discrimination.

The federation claims that the compensation for the two national teams is based on different collective agreements and that the salary structure appears to be different. The men’s agreement is based on the number of international matches and is based on results, while the women depend on health insurance, other benefits and salaries they earn in the NWSL local football league, according to the Associated Press.

The four highest paid players in America are women

The federation notes that four players: Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Carly Lloyd and Becky Sauerbrunn from 2014 to 2019, have earned more than any male player, even if the NWSL salary is canceled.

The women choose to receive a guaranteed salary of 1.7 million SEK per year, and in addition to this salary, they receive games and tournament rewards and a wide range of benefits. Whereas, players in the men’s national team can earn greater rewards because they take greater risks because they are not getting any money or benefits guaranteed within their contract structure that relies on paying for the matches they play.

A male player was earning three times as much

The women’s players claim that the men’s players who achieved the same success as the four earned three times that amount. The American women won the World Cup this summer while the men’s national team did not even reach the qualifiers in Russia last year.

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This is the definition of gender discrimination, and it is illegal. The union repeatedly tried to discredit these numbers. With the wrong data, they blame FIFA and try to manipulate the equation, but the math is simple: the results show an unmistakably large pay gap, says Molly Levinson, who represents the players in the issues surrounding the trial.

There was still time before the trial began in Los Angeles on May 5. The conflict has lasted for several years and attempts at mediation have failed.

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