Withdrawal from the European Union gives Britain the lead in building a “greener” society

This is what it looks like in reality UK county (GB) or England where the country’s leader – “Pogo” – Boris Johnson works. In Sweden, where we have symmetrical parties, the tone is different.

In Sweden and Umeå, the climate is cooler than in Britain and other countries where the climate is warmer, and electric cars, buses, etc. work better. Umeu management wasted a lot of money on it Project they complete now. Dealing with taxpayers’ money very lightly without being held accountable may be viewed as irresponsible. This is the case with the politicians we vote for, and they never have to respond to anything. If he is a businessman or a company, quickly they will run out of money and leave their business. Municipal politicians, but also within government, can make almost any mistake and still stand. It’s called democracy.

Electric cars can run well if the climate permits. We need to know if they are keeping this action out in severe cold. Minus 20 and above. It seems calm in it.

The European Union should not make a decision about something it does not know. The climate in the Nordic countries and Sweden is not the same for parliamentarians in the European Union.

Norland, Inland Norland (Sparsely populated areas here, traffic rhythm is not the imminent problem. The hail and taxes on electricity are basically the biggest problem. No company can prove their presence here. Make living and working in these parts cheaper. It can’t be. We have standard tariffs and taxes on a European Union basis on the continent.

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Lapland from there the resources are taken and distributed to the rest of the country. They themselves have to be on their knees. Beg to survive. What is the damned policy in Sweden?

In Norway, where Norwegian Lapland is located, the trend is in the opposite direction. Here the scene is being developed, in Sweden it is being phased out. What the hell is the policy followed in this country?

Only idiots are allowed to rule this country. He and he did.

Fan for your information

Lapland landscape in North North Norrland, northern Sweden. … Lapland makes up about a quarter of the size of Sweden and is also Sweden’s largest landscape. The landscape is divided between the counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten, except for a small section in the southwest that is part of Jämtland.

Cities really need to start thinking about where to turn. 7,000 have already left the S-holm. The trend is clear, everyone wants a cleaner and better society. Who we already have, are welcome here in Lapland. We need more educated people who have the knowledge and push the scene forward. Not as far back as it was in all previous years. We welcome everyone.

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