Will the Royal House of Great Britain ultimately continue as an institution

We are on our way to the end of the British royal family. Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised when it seems that at least one of the crown prince’s children is tired of all the lies that were spinning around him and especially the ones that were against his mother, Princess Diana. How she died after Crown Prince Charles abandoned henna and returned to the woman he had his mistress whom he now married but never fathered an heir. Harry, the second son of Charles with Diana, who drove him out and there he now lives in the United States with his wife, Megan, who opened his mouth correctly.

I think their testimony is completely honest but the British media don’t dare criticize the royal family and now they’re just trying to make people realize that Harry and Meghan are liars that I don’t believe even a little. This again shows that the kings and queens belong to a part of history and do not have a single part of democracy. Personally, I don’t have an evil eye on a king or Victoria as a person, but royal homes are an outdated system. Imagine for a second that you are transformed into Earl’s karmic-driven world. Imagine for a second that you are transported into the karmic-driven world of Earl. Imagine for a second that you are transformed into an Earl’s world driven by karmic. People but not by the royal house.

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