“When our homes flood, we are all at risk.”

In a year, an average of six hurricanes form across the Atlantic Ocean. In 2020, there were 13, according to figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which SVT meteorologists compiled in Weather Chronicle.

– It was as if there was always a new tornado to talk about, says SVT meteorologist Tora Thomasdottir.

Names have expired

Last year’s hurricane season was so vigorous that the list of pre-defined storm names that WMO releases each year is over.

Instead, they started using the Greek alphabet, so we had storms called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. SVT meteorologist Tora Tomasdottir says it has been an extraordinary year.

They make art from the forces of nature

The probability of severe rains and floods is four times more than it was 40 years ago. If it comes to “H20 – the battle for water” in the world of science. On the program, we meet two photographers who have made it their artistic specialty to document the natural phenomena and the devastation they left behind.

– Photographer Gideon Mendel, who has visited 20 floods in 13 different countries, says there’s just something about flooded areas that makes it visually appealing.

Despite differences in culture, class and location, when our homes flood, we are all at risk.

Hear Gideon Mendel and other storm hunters tell more in the clip above!

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