What’s important about the phone in the middle segment?

Now you think like a picky Swedish reader – smartphone for $ 3,000, thank you but no thank you, I’m aiming even higher! At OnePlus, we’ve always thought this way, but we also want more smartphone users to have the opportunity to use our phones and our Oxygen OS.

We all have someone in our neighborhood who just wants a good, affordable phone. This is where the Nord N10 5G comes into the picture and why we want to hear your thoughts. Who do you think this phone is suitable for and what do you want us to invest more in in the future? We start with our own thoughts.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G suits you …

  • Who need an affordable mobile phone without much additional jox software.
  • Which gives priority to the ability to take pictures in various modes including night photography
  • That values ‚Äč‚Äčscalability and backward compatibility opportunities.

Read more about the OnePlus Nord N10 5G!

OnePlus once started with the goal of not costing you a fortune buying a mobile phone with flagship performance. The idea was to combine the most powerful processors with an optimized Android system without bloatware. But other than that, be selective about the ingredients you invest in. All to fulfill a first promise. Over the years this has continued and there are now models like the OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 8 Pro.

At the same time that processor development at this extreme level advanced, other technologies followed suit. In many cases, the second best and even the third best of the best was good enough. Therefore, there are new opportunities to push entry prices again.

The result was OnePlus N10 5GThe same Oxygen 7 Android phone All OnePlus users are accustomed to the Olympics, 90Hz screen and big battery plus Qualcomm’s latest mid-range 5G architecture. At just under 3000 SEK.

What is important to you in a carefully balanced phone?

OnePlus now wants to ask you as a Swedish language reader. What features from your flagship phone should OnePlus prioritize over upcoming phones in the same sector as the Nord N10 5G?

Comment below on what you think is the most important in a carefully balanced mid-range phone. The best offer will be rewarded with the OnePlus Goodie bag with many OnePlus branded products and OnePlus N10 5G.

Psst .. Plus, you’ll pick a friend that you think deserves a similar gift bag including the OnePlus N10 5G!

The winners will be selected on 22/2 by the jury and will be contacted here via the comments field.

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