what is happening now? Cecilia Javar, Washington November 13, 2020 at 10.00 – The Foreign Chronicle

Washington Friday,

The day after Joe Biden was declared victorious in the presidential election and had my first free night in a long time, my husband suggested we watch a movie he was keen to see again. Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, and it wasn’t until I dumped myself on the sofa that I realized what an incredibly suitable movie to watch. Monday all week called in Swedish, Bill Murray wakes up on the same day every morning. Thus the long, eternal week after the presidential election, while votes were being counted day in and day out in several major wave states, were being felt.

But if he went last week Slowly this fall of elections is passing by. I traveled to 10 states in two and a half months and spoke to Americans all over the country. In the Midwest, in the South, on the West Coast, on the East Coast. About their hopes, expectations, fears and desires. The most important elections in modern American history were repeated again and again. And now. Joe Biden is now beginning to appoint employees to key positions in his new administration, while President Trump tweets daily about what he believes to be widespread electoral fraud, lawsuits are filed and he refuses to admit defeat.

More than 72 million Americans have voted for Donald Trump, according to the vote count so far, and many of them are now concerned about election theft by Democrats, who believe Trump is the real winner. Biddinvaleh breathed in deeply. Here in Washington, where 93 percent voted for Biden, the celebration had been going on for days, and boxes around the White House filled with bottles of champagne.

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So what happens now?

I think of all the people I’ve met in recent months, Deborah Lee Lewis, a Florida resident in a red, white, and blue cowboy hat that glittered happily when Air Force One landed at a Trump campaign meeting, and mine is the one who resolutely left the polling station. In Georgia after she voted for Biden and the change she wanted to see.

I know I look like a sporadic LP but this divided country, it’s hard to think of anything else. When news of Joe Biden’s election victory came, it was broadcast live on P1 in front of the White House and I was about to interview one of the few Trump supporters who had gone there and when I told her the news, she first looked in shock and then said she didn’t think it was over, all of a sudden. She and her friends vanished as thousands of jubilant Biden voters began pouring in as we stood to celebrate the result.

But millions who voted for Of course, Trump has not disappeared. Across the country, those hopes and fears remain, regardless of who they vote for. On January 20, a new president will be sworn in and we will hear that he wants to be the leader of all Americans, of the United States, while maintaining distrust and discord in the country.

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