What has been said about Android 12 so far

However, Google appears to be bringing more transformative news with the upcoming Android 12. A preview of Android 12 may arrive as early as this week. Last year, for example, Google released its first preview version of the new system on February 19.

We’ve summarized what was said about Android 12 so far, before it rolled out to developers. All information is based on rumors, so nothing has been identified yet.

Extended theme support

Android 12 appears to offer one More powerful thread support-With more opportunities for system customization and a custom interface. Even today, Pixel users can change highlight color, font, status bar icons, and icon shapes.

On Android 12 it should also be possible to change the main color, that is Background color. The two colors are also likely to be reflected in third-party apps, as much as developers have added support.

New interface

Screen shots allegedly from Google documents shared with manufacturers I showed Major interface changes. Objects have been significantly zoomed in than before, the notification menu has been redesigned and the home screen includes a new type of user interface.

In a poll on SwedishDroid, 59% said they believe the new interface has improved, while 29% haven’t decided that yet.

Privacy icons in status bar

It is rumored that Android 12 is indicated in the status bar when you are using apps, for example, its microphone and camera. The idea is that users will have a deeper insight into how apps use sensitive phone parts.

According to the screenshots, the microphone and camera icons appear in the status bar when used by the apps. The cursor then becomes just a secret green dot. When pressed, Android 12 notifies you which apps have used the sensors.

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