What does music mean to you? Feb 7 at 9.40 pm – Karlavagnen

What’s the best day after mid-start talking to music with Kim Kärnfalk, who won the entire balloon in 2001 with Friends?

To Kim, music meant everything in life, so she wants to know what music means to you! Are you a blues nerd and have slopes filled with vinyl records? Do you start off with rhythms and dance quietly once you’ve played the right ones? Did you spend the quarantine period learning an instrument, or would you rather be silent?

did you go From being a punk to the music of a loving dance troupe? Are you and your partner arguing over which music to play in the car or are you in a hard-core rock band where you get a chance to wave your hair and rise in falsetto? Are driving exercises sacred to you or do you just sit in your room and make music?

Be that as it may, music strikes a chord with us and it did so long ago. We become emotional, fearful, happy, and above all, some music brings memories to life.

Take the opportunity to Tell me what does music mean to you? Is it an accordion, dance troupe, opera, hip-hop, or maybe country that makes you turn on the volume?

Now we are kööööör we are!

Call 020-22 10 30 from kl. 21 And tell, the program you hear 21.40-00: 00.
You can actually contact via email: karlavagnen@sverigesradio.se and on social media the conversation is always going on.

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