What does it mean to archive an email?

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What does it mean to archive an email

Email archiving is helpful and it is a better way to organize or store your important data efficiently only if you know what does it mean to archive an email, this process helps you to keep separate your important emails. In this article, we have provided the answers to all the questions that came to your mind like why we need to archive an email or what is the difference between archiving or deleting an email. An important benefit of this process is that you can keep your important mail safe and secure in one place instead of searching for them (important or urgent mail) all over your inbox when you need them. There are different platforms where you can archive your emails.

How to archive an email?

Before discussing what does it mean to archive an email we are going to explain that how to archive an email or where your email goes after archiving it. This is a complete guide for those who want to know each and everything about how to archive your email. There are different platforms like Gmail, Spike, apple mail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) where you can archive your emails easily. The method for archiving your mail on a phone is a little bit different from archiving it on a laptop. Both of them are explained below:

Archiving mail on Gmail using the phone:

What does it mean to archive an email

If you are archiving your email on your phone then select the mail you want to archive and then swipe it left or right. For archiving more than one mail, you should select the mails you want to save in the archive folder and then press archive. Your emails will be archived successfully.

Archiving email using desktop:

The process is the same for desktop but for multiple mails, you have to right-click first and then select the mails and tap archive.

After archiving your emails successfully, you can access them in an important folder and also in the folder of all emails.

Why you should archive your mail?

There are different purposes for archiving an email. Some main purposes of archiving an email are:

  • Clearing your inbox of extra emails without deleting them
  • Storing important emails in a separate folder so that they can be accessed easily when needed
  • Save time while searching for important mail
  • Way to keep your personal emails safe and separate from important mail
  • Make space for more emails without deleting the older one
  • A way to keep your older data safe

No loss of data:

If you want to remove the extra emails from your inbox without deleting them then archiving is the best option. By archiving emails, you can keep the record of your old emails in a separate folder.

Make important emails easily accessible:

You can archive any type of mail you want to store separately. If you want to keep your personal mail separate from your important mail then you should keep all your important mail in an archive folder. Its advantage will be that you can easily find your important emails when you need them.

A good step for your business:

If accidentally your business gets involved in any type of legal proceedings then you may need your older emails. If you trash these older emails instead of storing them in the folder of the archive, then you can’t access them if you need them in case of some emergency. So, you should archive your older and business emails.

For hiding personal emails:

Some people don’t like to have their personal mail in the normal view. So, they can archive their personal emails to keep them safe and secure.

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