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What do you know about roadside assistance before heading out on the road | News

Roadside Assistance is an emergency service provided to motorists who encounter an unexpected breakdown in their vehicle.

If the car breaks down, it’s important to take certain measures and be aware of the situation, according to the American Automobile Association’s website. Roadside Assistance covers any breakdowns or problems one might encounter on the road when traveling.

Budgeting a roadside assistance plan in the summer is beneficial because summer road trips can be long and the assistance will help one get back on the road in the event of an emergency, according to the Best Roadside Assistance website.

“It involves more than just pulling and mechanical failure,” said Raj Mani, senior network manager at Allstate Roadside.

Some of the services Roadside Assistance offers include towing, fuel delivery, battery start, flat tire replacement, and key retrieval from inside a locked vehicle, according to various websites for roadside assistance companies.

Information required when seeking help

People should have information about themselves, their vehicles and their location when seeking help.

Other information requested includes the mechanic’s contact information, details about the vehicle’s insurance, make and condition of the vehicle.

How to contact roadside assistance

Jozo de la Cerda, a public information officer for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said the emergency roadside assistance number is printed on the back of your driver’s license.

Cerda said roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Pointing to the vehicle’s location and knowing the nearest exit number, rest area and general surroundings will help send information on the exact location, according to the American Automobile Association website.

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Evaluate the problem

Make sure one is aware of how to respond to specific problems with the vehicle. Learn how to respond to unusual noises, steering issues, flat tires and smoke from the hood.

Get out of the way

It is important to get off the far right shoulder when driving on most roads. If you’re driving on an interstate or multi-lane highway, drop onto your left shoulder.

Alert other drivers

Make the car visible to other drivers by turning on the emergency flash.

Continue with your situation

Once you reach a safe place, tell others about the current situation. Make a note of the surroundings so that people have an idea of ​​where they are.

Call the In-Car Roadside Assistance. If you are out of the car, call at a safe distance from traffic and the vehicle.

stay in the car

Stay in the car until the service provider arrives at the roadside if possible. If you get out of the car, do so safely by avoiding the roads. If you stay in the car, make sure the windows are closed and all car doors are locked.

When help arrives

Make sure to stay calm and cooperate, check the name of the service garage or service provider and don’t try to help the service representative unless they ask.

It is one’s responsibility to understand what emergency roadside service or insurance policy coverage is.

Choose a roadside assistance plan

“You want to have a company that can get you out of the way before you become a danger to yourself on the road or have any kind of health issue,” Mane said.

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And he said he’s shopping around to see which company has a plan that works best for you. People should find out if their insurance plan includes roadside assistance.

Always know how far your travels will take you and have a plan that matches [you] or beyond your needs,” Mane said.

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