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HomeentertainmentWestin introduces promo...

Westin introduces promo releases of Musical Fall (October)

Westin promo introduces fall music releases on Spotify (this October)! Indeed, we are now giving you the opportunity to listen to the songs for the opportunity to review and like. There are also download links for time, advertisement, and Student Radio.

2/10 LedPwrply UK remixes (home)

Adée uploads the single “Pwrply”. Ese Aguinaga takes it to a new level by launching a wholly-produced EP remix by British producers.

Collaboration is always a natural occurrence for Adée, who at the start of the summer released the single “Pwrply” by Colombian rapper Ese Aguinaga. PSL noticed the song, and Per Sinding Larsen added the song to his top 20 playlist. Now it takes the song to another level and shows even more interesting collaborations with the EP remix of the song Prwply which was produced entirely by garage and home producers from the UK. This EP was actually released last week on Friday 10/2.

REMIX DETAILS & CREDITES – IDA ADEE OLSSON – PWRPLY: Jay Funk & Lemon Yellow Pea (LYP) remixes Jay Coldron (JAY FUNK) and Stuart Braybrooke (LYP) – Shuffle Smith Remix – Danny Marsden – Jon Fernandez Soul Power Remix – Jon Fernandez

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9/10 NoiceGustavsberg (nostalgia)

NOICE celebrates its anniversary and releases newly written song Gustavsberg

In the 80’s Noice is celebrating its 40th anniversary on the TV show “Måndagsbörsen”. The band is now releasing their song “Gustavsberg” via the live streaming service Corite, where fans can invest and then earn a portion of the broadcast income the song gets when it is played on Spotify or Apple Music. “The new song “Gustavsberg” was making its rock debut about Noice (which is now released), and after the song premiered in the SVT documentary about Noice last week, we didn’t want to wait any longer, says Peo Thyrén in Noice “. “Gustavsberg” was written by Peo Thyrén in collaboration with group producer Anders Hansson, who over the years has produced world songs for Cher and Agnes (“Release Me”) and Victoria Beckham, and has worked with Swedish stars such as Orup, Lena Philipsson, Magnus Uggla, Alcazar and Tomas Ledin, Jerry Williams, and many more. Tomorrow Friday, Gustavsberg will release on Spotify.

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9/10 Alexandra WickmanWild (country bob)

Country artist Alexzandra Wickman keeps up with her second (out of six) hits from Nashville’s “Wild”!

Country artist Alexandra Wakeman keeps up with her second single, “Wild”, from Nashville! In 2020, this resulted in a full production with the most employed studio musicians in Nashville today under the auspices of multiple ACM Awards earned by Mr. Rob McNeely (Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antibellum, Bob Seger, Rascal Flats, Dolly Parton, Eric Church, Cape Moore, Trisha Yerwood, etc.) Alexandra is the same as the songwriter on all of the upcoming six Nashville tracks. Alexzandra has previously produced and released two albums under her own supervision, twice as a songwriter at the Melody Festival with Thomas G: son, was a country coach and sang live on TV4 Stjärnornas Stjärna 2018 and 2020. This summer Alexzandra appeared on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon and was praised by music journalist Jan Gradvall at DI, who wrote “There is no Swedish artist at the moment, doing better than Alexzandra Wickman.” Wild is the second single in six Nashville production to be released in 2020 and 2021. “Wild” is now released on Spotify. On Friday, October 9thAnd the

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10/23 We are AHRDo not stop! (Indie)

We Ahr two cousins ​​found each other during the pandemic. Together, they put together a pop melody as they challenged each other musically. Gabriel comes from the militant scene where he long played in bands like Heart on my Sleeve and Unknown, and later on the indie pop group Whispers of the Valley.

Jacob with his distinctive voice comes from the scene of a singer-songwriter and choir singing.

Despite their different backgrounds, they could meet in love with pop music, although one can still guess their past influences on sound.

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23/10 Astiane – Hours count (bang)

Astian was discovered by an unsigned P3 already in 2016, and now new music is coming!

With a lively voice ID and minimal pop productions coated with mystery and integrity, Astian is an exciting new addition to the Swedish pop scene. With a fondness for poetry and lyric poetry, Astiane early began translating song lyrics into melody and notes on the piano. It was his strong will to tell his stories that drove him.

The artist was discovered by unsigned P3, as listeners voted his song “Like” to number one for five consecutive weeks. Something that led to a permanent spin on P3 during Spring / Summer 2016 (then named Sebastian Södergren). Since then, Astiane has spent a lot of time in the studio to fine-tune his voice and write songs. This is alongside producer and member Åke Olofsson from Swedes Björnstammen and Erik Lundin and most recently with producer Edvin Linderoth in a straw cart by Mathias Bylund.

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10/23 Zara and JessicaBetter (folkpop)

It was the singer Zara & Jessica (formerly Sarek) who brought this record company’s attention ”ADHD Awareness Month “for an important topic like ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome / which received a little extra attention during October. It turns out that both Zara and Jessica have children with the diagnosis. We interacted with the lyrics in their song” Better “that the girls wrote with Elva Linda Pearson. Distinguish Text with Music. Now Zara and Jessica are posting “Better” with Rexforbundet Attention! To draw attention to the organization’s remarkable work (Attention! Interest Organization for People with Neuropsychiatric Disabilities (NPF) such as ADHD and Aspergers …) Along with outreach at Attention Lina Thorén, Zara and Jessica have formed a small team to inform, inform, and make people with these diagnoses more understanding.The relatively “young” National Association is 20 years old this year and they deserve attention and why not with music with Zara and Jessica Her traditional song “Better” is Sareksound where Zara & Je ssica used to be the clear voices of the group during the first century of the 21st century.ADHD Awareness Month “throughout the month of October!

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10/30 Jessica Falk – Little Love (Modern Country)

The book Little Love by Jessica Falk and Jenn Bostic in Nashville.

Jane Bostitch It reached # 1 on the UK singer-songwriter charts with his song Jealous Of The Angels.

Jane and Jessica met in a special way. The girls do some of the same, write songs and tell their story to help others. Jessica watched a prom with Jane at the Grand Ole Opry and wrote to her asking if she wanted to try writing music together, so Jessica sent some songs to Jane inviting Jessica. They have now written the songs Make A Change and Little Love together and the last one is Jessica’s next song, which will be released on October 30th. The producer on the new track “Little Love” is Nashville legend girlfriend Jessica Falk Scott PagetWhich has produced Bonnie Wright, Alison Krause, Randy Travis, Jeffrey Steele, and more.

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Press pictures can be found under the pictures here on our page.

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