We supply Stream 2 blot to Germany

On Friday, Alexei Navalny appeared in court again. This time, the leader of the Russian opposition is accused of mocking the 95-year-old veteran. It is clear that the Russian regime does not consider a previous sentence of nearly three years in prison sufficient.

In response to the show trials against Navalny and the brutal treatment of Russian protesters, European Union countries are considering tougher sanctions against Russia.

However, the effect is likely to be muted as long as Germany insists on completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The pipeline between Russia and Germany on the shores of the Baltic Sea is nearly complete. But after threats from the United States to impose sanctions on the companies involved, the project was halted a few miles off the German coast.

Chancellor Angela Merkel washes her hands and claims that Nord Stream 2 is a purely commercial venture. This is a hollow argument.

The administration’s largest shareholder – Gazprom – is a direct extension of the Russian regime. Since Nord Stream 2 will double the capacity to transport gas directly from Russia to Germany, it will be easier for Russia to cut off gas supplies to the deprived countries of Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine and Belarus. This strengthens Vladimir Putin’s influence on European energy supplies.

In recent years, Angela Merkel is sometimes mentioned as the leader of the free world. Regarding the gas pipeline, it certainly does not behave this way.

And if it is just a private agreement between companies, then how about the German Finance Minister Must be submitted To support US sales of LNG by 1 billion euros in exchange for the US canceling its sanctions against Nord Stream 2?

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Germany is clearly starting to feel the pressure. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier It has been mentioned recently To the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany as a reason to complete the project. It was not well received, to put it mildly, by the Eastern European states that were divided in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and which today feel threatened by Nord Stream 2.

Germany’s hard-line defense of the project divides the countries of the European Union, worsens relations with the United States and increases Russia’s influence over Europe. The Swedish government should present this to the German government and urge it to bury Nord Stream 2.

Unfortunately, one should not have any high hopes. When Secretary of State Ann Lind, S., was pressed about the matter in Agenda last Sunday She gave the hot potato to Ulf Christerson. The Prime Minister, as leader of the M party, claimed it was his duty to speak to party comrade Angela Merkel.

Ann Lind – who was so upset when a parliamentary majority in December wanted to open up the possibility of Sweden’s membership in NATO – thus wants the opposition leader to pursue her foreign policy when issues get too sensitive.

In recent years, Angela Merkel is sometimes mentioned as the leader of the free world. Regarding the gas pipeline, it certainly does not behave this way.

We supply Stream 2 blot to Germany.

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