Way Out West is canceling for the second year in a row

A year ago, many festival-goers were disappointed when Way Out West announced that the festival would be postponed until 2021. At that time, many might have thought that we would put the epidemic behind us, but the organizer is now forced to postpone the festival. Another year’s festival. A message that doesn’t just disappoint the audience.

– All artists are disappointed too. Of course, everyone wants to play in front of a huge crowd in Castle Forest, but everyone also fully understands the situation, says Philip Hiltmann for SVT.

Some of the artists who have booked will follow and will be on the list for next year’s festival as well. Planning for Way Out West 2022 is already underway and the festival management believes in great desire for an artist-hungry crowd.

Our eyes are fixed in 2022 and we have expected a lot of pressure on tickets from the start. Major festivals in both the UK and US have sold out at any point during the spring, and we believe the same phenomenon will emerge here, the organizers wrote in a press release.

You can get your money back

Way Out West writes on its website that those who have bought tickets for this year’s festival, or 2020, don’t have to do anything if they want to keep the tickets. Everyone who bought a ticket will be contacted via email before the end of May, and if you want a refund, that’s okay too.

On May 25, tickets for next year’s festival will be released, which is scheduled to take place from August 11 to 13, 2022.

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