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Masters and Augusta National are portrayed in some contexts as a conservative club, with traditions that may be stuck in antiquity. When it comes to creating a completely unique audience experience, both on the site and for those of us who watch it from a distance, nothing could be further from the truth.

Already during its inaugural year 1934, the Masters Championship was the first golf competition to be broadcast live on the national radio in the United States. In 1956, the Master’s program was first broadcast on television and was an instant hit with around 10 million viewers. In 1960, television broadcasting / reporting from golf competitions was revolutionized forever with the introduction of the over / under-pared system. In 1964, cameras began to be placed behind the tee to show players flying.

After much pressure, Clifford Roberts, Augusta National’s first and most influential chairman, made CBS production start broadcasting in 1966. A 1966 exercise required 150 men, 15 cameras, and 17 kilometers of ground cables.

In 2000, the Masters Championship became the first golf competition to be broadcast in HD. In 2010, the Masters was the first sporting event to be broadcast live in 3D.

The desire to innovate persisted. In 2019 Augusta National introduced a powerful broadcast system that made it possible to watch every hit of every player via

This fall, they added a smart feature called “My Group” that lets you create your own Masters broadcast, with only your favorite players.

This is how it works:

1. Browse on Click on the title Neighborhood Then on the tab My group.

2. Select your favorite players you want to follow on your broadcast.

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3. Then you sit back and get a personalized TV broadcast where each of these players’ rounds are hit. If there is a gap in the broadcast, where none of your players hit a hit, you can choose to activate so that the broadcast is filled with hits from leaders in competition or exceptionally good hits from any player. Click on ‘Settings’ and you’ll get options for ‘Leaders in Course’ and ‘Great shots’ depending on how you want to create your broadcast.

Also, by clicking on the “Track” button at the bottom of the screen, you can see the left border and length of the marker to draw a hole to the right of the video feed.

Did I forget to mention that this service is free for you?

The opportunity to follow your favorite player’s round from 1 to 18 truly delivers a unique viewing experience. Because in regular TV broadcasts, you better feed with cool punches than those who play better in competition on that specific day or week. With My Group, it would probably be much more realistic to see a player fight together on a round, or just be able to emphasize that even the pros don’t beat every iron shot inside the two-meter flag.

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