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Philip Elfetberg

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Philip Elfetberg

After five years in the United States, Philip Alftberg returned to Sweden again. The former Brynäsbacken is ready for Vita Hästen.

Phillip is a well-trained player with a good position, says coach Tony Zabel.

Philip Elfetberg He was one of the Brinas players who were born in 1997 and earned a place in the first team. In addition to Alftberg, there were such names as Johannes KinvaleAnd the Marcus Ersson And the Lucas Carlson with and compete for a place.

Alftberg had to make some strong first-team games already as a junior, but he went across the Atlantic in 2016 and continued his career in the USHL. After a year there, he waited four years in college.

“Strong Bi-Directional Path”

Now the 23-year-old is returning to his homeland in Sweden again. Next season he will play with Vita Hasten.

– It’s really fun to come to Vita Hästen! I am a strong two-way defender who likes to follow the attack but also have a huge defensive responsibility, he told the club Location.

Olftberg scored 29 points in 106 games for Saint Petersburg. Lawrence University.

Philip is a well-trained player with a good position. Coach Tony Zabel says his main qualities are strong skating, his passing game, and a good grasp of the game.

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