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Stroke affects both men and women. However, it is a global and continuing trend that women are underrepresented in clinical trials of stroke treatments. In two articles in the journal Stroke, researchers now highlight the various reasons why it looks like this and suggest measures. Something that Mia von Euler, Stroke Researcher and Professor of Neuroscience at Örebro, values.

This particular matter, combined with underrepresentation in studies, is such an important question in principle. It’s something one talks about but doesn’t make science. Then it tends to disappear.

Lack of women in stroke studies It is a problem because it means there is less knowledge of how the different treatments work on women.

One of the main limitations the researchers addressed is the age limit. In clinical studies, there is often an upper age limit for participants’ age. This usually occurs around the age of 80, and since women often develop the disease five or six years later, and often after the age of 80, they risk systemic exclusion. So the article’s authors suggest avoiding the age limit, something Mia von Euler agrees.

Specifically, with regard to these diseases that mainly affect the elderly, it is important to study the elderly. Because they are the ones who make up the large group that we want to know how to deal with it.

To be able to get to know others Reasons why fewer women participate in the studies, the researchers also suggest that more qualitative and quantitative studies should be done. That you should record the people who are asked to participate in a study to see if there is a pattern in gender, age or language – or in how, when and where they are required to do so.

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It’s also an important issue. Is it that the woman does not ask or does the women who are asked refuse? Stroke researcher and professor of neuroscience, Mia von Euler, says there are two different problems that need to be addressed.


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