Valve is forced to pay Corsair damages for patent infringement

In 2019, American Corsair loosened the skin again and acquired manual controller manufacturer Scuf Gaming. With this, the company expanded its product range with manual controls in the premium segment of gaming on both console and PC, but the purchase also included a lawsuit against another hand control manufacturer, Valve.

Scuf Gaming’s Ironburg Inventions subsidiary has deemed Valve violated it Patent No. 8,641,525Specifically designed EffectsButtons on the back of the Steam console, reports Techpowerup. It is said that Valve became aware of patent infringement early in 2014, but regardless of Ironburg Invention’s objection and is still making 1.6 million units that infringe the patent.

Now the current patent owner announces pirate That complaint was heard by a court in Seattle and ruled in favor of the company. The court ruled that Valve had intentionally infringed the Ironburg Invention patent and was sentenced to pay “more than $ 4 million” in damages. If a jury decides patent infringement is intentional, a pirate opens the door to anyone three times From the amount of damages in other legal proceedings.

Whether Corsair and Ironburg Inventions will push the lawsuit even further doesn’t tell the story, but they can clearly raise at least $ 2.5 per Steam console manufactured.

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