Valheim is already a hit – a million copies sold in one week!

The survival type became just a Viking ax in the face.

Undoubtedly, this year’s biggest surprise yet Valhaim For. Not long ago, the Skövde-based studio announced that it had surpassed a million copies sold after appearing on the Steam charts throughout its launch week. Who would have thought that after they reported our first trailer last year? The company is no less impressive knowing that the developers Iron Gate consist of five people and that this is the studio’s first title.

At least a year of early access is now waiting for it, but many seem to agree that this is among the most flawless games in the category that they have played in a long time. There is really a lot to do and there will be more. On the Steam page, the studio wrote that the game is 75% clear in terms of features but only 50% in terms of content.

Most of the core features planned for the game have been implemented. The single player and multiplayer modes are fully functional and we have a separate dedicated server tool if you want a 24/7 server. There are currently five fully developed biomes out of a total of nine planned. There are around 280 different items (weapons, items, shields, etc.) in the game that the player can find or craft. We have about 120 building blocks, and around 35 different types of creatures including monsters, animals and bosses.

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