Vaccine Coordinator: It’s totally wrong to escalate a trade war

The UK Vaccine Agreement stipulates that all production of vaccines produced on British soil must go primarily to the British.

Swedish Vaccine Coordinator Richard Bergstrom says a similar discussion took place early on among European Union countries, but such demands were dismissed fairly quickly.

There was no support within the commission for a system in which the vaccine produced in Europe was kept within the European Union. It was a very short discussion. We asked the question and the answer came within a week: We shouldn’t have this situation.

Are you sorry

No, I don’t do that at all, says Richard Bergstrom.

Much depends on the European Union

Among other things, the European Union has exported nine million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to the United Kingdom, while the British have stopped exporting vaccines to the European Union. Bergstrom says that EU exports have also enabled many developing countries to gain access to vaccines.

There are many countries around the world that depend on the European Union and have historically relied on the European Union as a reliable partner.

Bergstrom says the call now to keep vaccines produced in Europe within the European Union would have been “completely wrong.”

Now it is about resorting to diplomatic means instead.

Why should we export to the UK when they are not exporting to us?

It is wrong that the UK does not allow the export and I think it is wrong that the US is getting 30 million doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine. Additionally, it has not been approved in the United States.

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But we, by eye, are closing our borders is totally wrong. Instead, one must put moral pressure on them and say at the highest diplomatic level that this is not how we should achieve it.

Dangerous with limitations

You talk about the global picture, but you are appointed by the Swedish government, shouldn’t you basically review Sweden’s need for vaccines?

Yes, but if everyone looks at their home in the short term, it collapses very quickly, we all depend on each other, says Richard Bergstrom and continues:

– It was great to say, “Okay, now we’re keeping Pfizer vaccines ourselves.” It may be running for a month or so before discovering that it is something else we cannot access and that some factories are forced to shut down due to a pump or filter stuck in another country. It is very dangerous to initiate this type of restriction.

See the full section of the agenda here.

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