Vaccination links spread – the wrong people were vaccinated

it’s a GP detection Faking the vaccine was possible.

Svea Vaccin CEO confirms to the newspaper that the clinic does not verify where the patients work.

– no we did not. We get a task (from VGR, Editor’s Note), discuss it and then have weekly meetings where we go through all the details. Then we get the vaccine and our staff takes charge and they vaccinate according to instructions, says Reza Hadfi, to GP.

When asked whether it was not the company’s responsibility to vaccinate the right people, Hadfi replied, “No comments.” SVT Nyheter Väst has not yet been able to reach anyone at Svea Vaccin who would like to comment.

I got lists

There are seven different companies the region bought to vaccinate in the first phase. This includes municipal employees who work in nursing homes.

One company has several clinics in the Gothenburg area. There, individuals were able to get vaccinated. Vaccinations can be done by registering the patient via a web link that was originally intended for healthcare personnel, but has spread among individuals.

Several other companies of SVT Nyheter Väst state that they have received lists of people who need to be vaccinated.

When people come to us to get a vaccine, we check that they are on the list and also verify the identity, says Sarah Danburg of Doktor 24.

Managers on site

In the case of Vaccina, managers were physically present to make sure the right staff got the vaccine.

Now that the new information comes out, we’ll be consolidating that control with some forms of identity documents that show you belong to the right hiring group, says Pontus Kresner, Vaccina CEO.

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“It was based on trust”

– The tender documents indicate that it indicates full responsibility for the vaccination, then we meant that this means that the vaccinator must make sure that the right person is vaccinated, says Christine Rigi, vaccination coordinator in the Västra Götaland region.

– It was based on trust and confidence, we did not want unnecessary administration. But now we see that the link can be misused, it’s so sad.

Now procedures will change for all seven companies and everyone will be able to show their service ID or salary statement to get a vaccine, says Christine Regie.

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