V demands an examination of the Stockholm region’s relationship with Cree

Links between Kry and the Stockholm region have been on the agenda several times lately. In January, it became clear that Kry would buy Vårdtjänster, which has 1,177 employees at Vårdguiden in Stockholm. The deal was criticized, among other things, from a political point of view and from the Swedish Association for Public Practice, which warned of distorted competition.

Also recently revealed today’s news That last spring, when health information was overburdened by the pandemic, the district urged health advisers to refer and screen Kry as and when required. For example, patients could receive an SMS with information on how to seek help from Kry.

The Left Party also believes that Kry has been granted an exemption for another form of billing and reporting. That should have made the follow-up of the company’s sponsorship procedures more difficult.

For us, it’s clear that Kry has sour cream, and they have a completely different space to expand on from the other players. Time to put the cards on the table and count all the contacts between the area and Cree. We want to see an independent review before making any decisions about Krys’ purchase of 1177, says Jonas Lindberg (V), a spokesperson for healthcare policy, at Press release.

In a letter to the Healthcare Board, the party requests that the review “particularly sheds light on communications between Kry and the Stockholm region and examines all decisions made before, during and after Krys institutions, and that the review looks at how the Stockholm region deals with the principle of equal treatment among caregivers in contact B Kry «.

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More recently, the Left Party also reported the area’s cooperation with Kry last spring for the Swedish Competition Authority.

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