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The trials in the men’s short relay did not present any major surprises. Tonight, Usain Bolt gets a chance to win No. 12 gold at the World Cup in London.

The United States won the first test trial and Jamaica the second. In addition to the top three of the two trials, the best two went to the Final. Turkey and Canada qualified four just in time.

In Jamaica, Tekindo managed Tracy, Julian Forte, Michael Campbell and Usain Bolt. For the final, you can also choose Yohan Blake, who previously finished fourth in the 100 meters in London.

Jamaica holds four consecutive World Cup gold medals in the 4×100 meters. Bolt announced that tonight’s final will be his last championship race.

The fastest team in the trial, USA, lined up with the next quartet: Mike Rodgers, Justin Gatlin, PJ Lee, Christian Coleman. Gatlin won gold and Coleman’s silver in the 100 meters separately.

The men’s short relay ran at 23.50 pm Saturday.

Heat 1:

1. United States of America 37.70 S.
2. The United Kingdom 37.76 S.
3. Japan 38,21 s
4. Turkey 38.44 F.
5. Trinidad and Tobago 38.61
6- Netherlands 38.66
7. Australia 38.88
8- Barbados 39, 19

Heat 2:

1. Jamaica Q 37.95
2. Frankrik 38.03 S.
3. China 38.20 S.
4. Canada 38.48 F.
5. Germany 38.66
6. For 39.01
7- The Bahamas 39,35

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