USA captain: Gerhardson Hakeem

It was a mixture of players who needed a break, those who were first in the World Cup who needed revitalization and players whose match plan fit. In total, the Swedish team resulted in no one being able to predict.

Did someone do the right thing? Gerhardson began his press conference rhetorically before continuing and explaining:

– Even my wife did not understand who we took out. There are many things to consider. We know we are ready after two games. We know that Monday’s Round of 16 is the most important match. Based on that, they discussed more than we had done with the medical team and the players because we wanted to get them involved as well.

Gerhardsson has made it clear that they know they will face Spain, Canada or the Netherlands and that there is little time between matches.

The last 16 was the most important for me when I got out of the first 11, says the Swedish captain.

Those were the words that were not well received by Jill Ellis, captain of the national team.

If you don’t have ideas for the match waiting for you next, you have ideas for the wrong place, says Ellis.

Sweden is now waiting for Canada who will surely wonder if Sweden wants to meet Canada.

What do you think of Canada’s reaction to Peter Gerhardsson’s result?

– They have to answer that, says the captain of the Swedish national team.

She will play the last 16 against Canada on Monday in Paris.

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