US team Hope Solo reveals Olympic cheating against Sweden

Three years after Lisa Dalcvist rescued Sweden in a penalty shootout in the Olympic quarter-finals, new information about the giant drama has surfaced. The USA favorites had a thoughtful plan to ditch the Swedish penalties.

National team captain Jill Ellis and goalkeeper coach have destroyed star goalkeeper gloves Hope Solo until they “have” to change in the middle of the penalty shootout and thus place grills in the Swedish penalty shootout.

I didn’t want to do that, I was experienced as a goalkeeper and wanted to trust my instincts, but our coaches did strange things at the time, we tested new stats, new things. I would have said no, I was going to trust my instincts and sorry, but the coaches made me do it and I’ve been joking since then, Says Hope Solo to Sportbladet.

So it didn’t help. As Solo struggled to make ends meet, Lisa Dalcvist started laughing as she threw the ball into a corner.

You can tell her (Lisa) I know when I saw her that she and I knew it was a mistake. Feeling ashamed and wish I hadn’t, Solo told the newspaper and indicated that she had never believed in the tactics.

Ahead of the World Cup meeting between nations, Thursday, the American newspaper Kristen Press reported losing a penalty kick against Sweden in the Olympics.

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