US President Biden pledges to stop supporting Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war Foreigner

Diplomacy and cooperation were the mantra of US President Joe Biden’s foreign policy. In addition, Biden stated that he promised to stop supporting Saudi attacks in Yemen, freeze the withdrawal of American soldiers in Germany, and no longer reject Russian aggressive actions.

America is back. Biden said Thursday that diplomacy is back.

He noted that the world is facing and facing global crises – epidemics, climate crisis, and nuclear proliferation – which can only be resolved through diplomacy and that countries work together.

Joe Biden, who has been a bridge builder in American politics, wants to focus on building and strengthening alliances. He also stressed the importance of being part of international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and highlighted the return to the Paris Agreement.

You want to see an end to the war in Yemen

Biden said on Thursday that the United States would stop supporting Saudi military attacks in hard-hit Yemen.

“The war must end in Yemen,” he said.

The goal is to end one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

At the same time, Biden stated that the United States will continue to support and assist the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in protecting its sovereignty and territory.

Biden also stated that he had frozen the withdrawal of US soldiers from Germany, which was what the Trump administration decided. Last summer, Trump announced that he wanted to withdraw a third of Germany’s total of 35,000 troops.

The US Congress is still placing obstacles in his way and now Biden has announced that he is freezing the withdrawal.

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A sharp tone toward Russia and China

Biden said the United States will cooperate with China when it is in the United States’ interest.

Biden said the United States will not tolerate trampling on China, either economically or geopolitically. Human rights violations will not be accepted.

Biden also talked about what his administration’s relationship with Russia will look like. He stated that he had made it clear to President Vladimir Putin that Russia’s “aggressive measures” such as interference in the US elections, cyber attacks and poisoning its people would not be treated lightly.

“The United States will not hesitate to defend the American people and the important interests of the United States,” Biden said.

Biden also commented on current events such as the military coup in Myanmar on Monday. The US President stated that the junta should immediately relinquish power, let democracy take its course and release imprisoned political actors.

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