US advertisers who increased the most during the pandemic

Improvisers released data on media investments a year ago. It is based on campaigns from more than 6000 companies in the United States that have passed through Google Ads. It turns out that the advertisers who are active in education increased the most, by 500 percent. At the other end of the list are entertainment advertisers, whose advertising investments have instead decreased by 80 percent. Here is a list of the increases (more can be found at Adweek):

Education about 500%
220% design
Elektronik California 210%
Sporting goods around 80%
Consumer goods around 75%
Architecture around 70%
Kosmetika California 70%
Furniture around 65%
About 65% tools

Marketing Managers: Yes, marketing is more important than ever
According to the survey CMO scan, which Marketing Week About 73 percent of marketers wrote that marketing has grown in importance over the past epidemic year. Here, 34.5% say the most important thing is to build brand value, 21.2% say the most important thing is to acquire new customers, and 20.4% say the most important thing is to retain existing customers.

Some other interesting characters from our poll are:
■ 78.9 percent focused on upgrading customer-facing digital environments
■ 56.1 percent improved overall consumer tracking
Advertising investment decreased by 17 percent last year, but digital channels increased 9.6 percent.
■ Marketers expect an increase of 10.6% in 2021, as it is believed that digital channels will increase by 18.7%.

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Alice Stenloff earns a lot of ads
News 24 He reviewed the most recent financial statements (2019) provided by influencer Alice Stenlöf, who, for example, moderated a podcast with Bianca Ingrosso and participated in Lets Dance. In total, it has three companies. At Alice Stenlöf AB, which has paid collaborations. Turnover is 6.5 million SEK and profit 4.9 million SEK, quadruple since 2018.

Instagram releases the group chat feature
The new Live Rooms feature allows Instagram users to video chat with up to three other users. At the same time, interactive shopping tools are launched inside the live rooms. Another feature is that users can pay the person hosting the call. The idea is that Live Rooms will open the door to arranging talk show-like concepts. The feature is rolling out globally after testing some time in India and Indonesia. This writes TechCrunch.

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