Uri’s director calls Cyberpunk 2077 and the creators of No Man’s Sky “charlatans” – then apologizes

Peter Molino (of course) also got a shoe.

Cyberpunk 2077 And the No Mans Sky Somewhat notoriously due to the circumstances in which they were released. Peter Molyneux is definitely creative, but he is also widely known for promising a lot but scarcely or never keeping promises. Thomas Mahler, Moon Studios CEO and Director Uri and the Blind Forest And the Uri and the will of wisps, To the forum Reciterra Where he did not utter the words.

The post starts with that “This is something that has bothered me for a while.”, Then continues to paint Molyneux, CD Projekt, and Hello Games Sean Murray as “quack” (Or, as you can say in color in English: Snake Oil Sellers). In short, the trio is accused of flawed marketing and frustrated that people keep falling into the trap over and over again.

For example, Mahler wrote about Sean Murray:

Even days before No Man’s Sky was released, he amplified the multiplayer gameplay that wasn’t even there and was too happy to let people believe No Man’s Sky was “Minecraft in Space,” where you can literally do everything (you can usually do it all Something a common theme behind toy snake oil sellers, because this one gets it all!).

After publication, Mahler received criticism, perhaps above all for his position. at tweet He apologizes to the CEO of Moon for his actions “Very aggressive tone” He says he got rid of himself. Mahler says he doesn’t feel mischievous towards the trio he is, but he realizes it came the wrong way.

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