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America’s victory over Finland was 4-1 in the final round of the starting matches.

It was a game that started at a very high pace. The United States was the team that had a little more chances in the first half, and also led to a goal behind.

The Americans took the lead just nine seconds before halftime. Joel Farabi stole the disc after a suitable Finnish attempt and released Jason Robertson, who was the safety himself, in a free position against the Finnish goalkeeper.

If the first period concerns the United States, then the opposite is true in the second semester. Finland pressed hard on the United States and moved closer and closer to a tie thanks to good monitoring and rapid game changes in the central region.

Finnish negative

The Finnish press continued. But the American players showed skill and could, in a small moment of pressure, create a risk that led to a 2-0 lead with a goal by Tyler Madden.

Perhaps this goal was decisive in the match. The Finnish press seemed to have vanished, and quickly Ryan Boiling managed to slip unobstructed into the Finnish area, overtaking the negative slopes, and laying 3-0.

Tyler Madden scored his second goal of the match and was the nail in Finland’s coffin. Jesse Yellowense contracted with Finland but the Finnish Lions didn’t come close.

In the quarter-finals, Finland, Canada, the United States and the Czech Republic will meet.

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