Unapproved vaccines are necessary for Sweden to reach the goal

Late deliveries from Pfizer / Biontech, Moderna and Astra Zeneca mean Sweden now has a smaller margin to reach the goal of vaccinating the entire adult population by summer.

Three more vaccines are expected Get EU approval in the spring – and a lot depends on them if Sweden is to meet the national goal, according to Vaccine Coordinator Richard Bergstrom.

Stefan Lovin: The vaccination schedule is fixed

Next in the line is the Jansen single-dose vaccine. According to the Public Health Agency forecast, 458,000 doses of the vaccine will be delivered in April. The pharmaceutical company studies have been continuously reviewed by the European Medicines Agency, EMA, which is now reviewing final results from the final stage.

On March 12th, he will decide the EMA Whether a vaccine should be approved is a very likely matter according to Richard Bergstrom.

– I feel very confident approving it. Nor do I rule out that it will happen before March 12th, he says.

The Swedish Public Health Agency estimates that equal quantities of the Curevax vaccine will also be delivered in April. The pharmaceutical company began the final phase of clinical studies in December and is expected to be completed in March.

The plan is now to agree in April, says Richard Bergstrom.

The European Commission is also negotiating On a new agreement with the pharmaceutical company Novavax, whose vaccine is expected to be approved in April. This week, the UNHCR vaccination group received data from studies indicating good efficacy against the virus variants detected in the UK and South Africa, according to Richard Bergstrom.

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They did a study in the UK and one in South Africa and were able to do it exactly when the mutations occurred, which means they have very good data on the two mutations, he says.

Now we are not so concerned about the boom in South Africa in Europe, but who knows. In any case, the vaccine had a good effect on the virus. It also had a very good effect against the British boom.

Parallel with more The vaccine is expected to get the green light. The European Commission and Pfizer / Biontech have agreed to purchase an additional 200 million doses of vaccine. The Union is also in final negotiations with Moderna regarding the new doses.

The combination of the exponentially increasing capacity of Pfizer and Moderna and the fact that we’re getting more vaccines approved means that I share the assessment that it is realistic to hit the target, says Richard Bergstrom.

That deliveries were delayed Of the vaccines already approved, Richard Bergstrom describes it as “incredibly annoying and disturbing”. Not least when Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna planned the cuts without giving the European Commission information about when and to what extent.

The fact that the companies were so bad about warnings led to major concerns. They heard it and promised to improve, says Richard Bergstrom.

Do you have to increase the demand for companies?

We realized that we must be more stringent in our contracts regarding how we report. In the coming decades, we’re much clearer about the doses of the month to be delivered and what commitment companies have to warn about about cuts. We had to work this out based on our experiences.

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