UK vaccine success

A vaccination plan is underway in the UK. The number of injured and deaths is increasingly decreasing.

A new study has now shown that the vaccine has a significant effect on the spread of the virus in the country. Of the 74,405 coronary patients treated between September and March, only 32 received the vaccination dose, according to reports. daily Mail.

Currently, 1,973 people are being cared for in hospitals – a noticeable difference from the 39,249 people admitted at the start of the year. The number of new cases in the country is also declining. From 50,000 new cases per day in January to about 2,500 currently.

These are the lowest numbers since September 6.

“We must learn to live with disease.”

In a speech to the nation on Tuesday, Boris Johnson said the vaccination program was “making a big difference” and that the “cautious but irreversible” plan would continue.

“We know the vaccination program makes a big difference – it reduces suffering and saves lives, on a very large scale,” he said during a press conference.

At the same time, he indicated that the preventive effect is still uncertain and that the pandemic is still a reality.

Researchers in the country are still convinced that a new wave will come within the year. So we must as much as possible learn to live with this disease – just as we interact with others.

The Prime Minister also revealed that the British will be providing treatment to the British at home from this fall. The hope is that it will be able to help stop new virus variants.

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To date, just over 33 million Britons have received the first vaccine dose and just over 10 million per second.

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