UEFA confirms: The Champions League final has moved from Istanbul to Porto, and ticket sales may start | Sports

Two great British teams are in the UEFA Champions League Final, but there is no chance for British fans to travel to Turkey. This made UEFA move to the final, which will be played in Portugal, for the second year in a row. “Denying the fans the opportunity to watch the match live was not an option,” said Alexander Ceferin, chairman of the board of directors.

It was confirmed on Thursday UEFA That the men’s UEFA Champions League final on May 29 will not take place in Istanbul as planned.

Britain placed Turkey on its “red list” for travel to the country, which would not allow British fans to watch the match live.

However, the UK has no restrictions on travel to Portugal. The final match between Chelsea and Manchester City will now be held in Porto, and Chelsea and Manchester City will feature 6,000 fans.

– Fans have struggled for more than 12 months without ever having the opportunity to see their teams live. One of the highlights in club football is reaching the Champions League Final. UEFA president Alexander Ceferin said denying fans the opportunity to watch the match live was not an option, according to UEFA’s press release.

According to Uefa, there will be 6000 tickets that each team can sell for sale as soon as possible. It will later become evident how many spectators can finally be allowed into the ring.

Transferring the match to be played in England might have been an option as well, but in the end no solution was found in this regard. The UEFA Champions League Final was held in Portugal as well, and then in Lisbon.

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