TV viewers about the debate: Biden was better

US television companies CNN and CBS have investigated how television viewers perceive the conflict between Trump and Biden. at CNN measurement Six out of ten respondents answered that Biden did better. Biden did better than they expected, before the debate 56 percent thought he would be the best while 43 percent thought Trump would win.

The poll was conducted by the SSRS Institute of Public Opinion with 568 respondents who previously announced that they would tune in to the broadcast.

negative tone

Biden also won In a survey conducted by CBS Television YouGov Opinion Institute. The numbers in this poll are closer to national opinion polls, 48 ​​percent believe Biden won versus 41 percent for Trump. Ten percent thought the fight was a draw.

Eight in ten viewers in a CBS poll thought the debate had a negative tone and only 17% thought it was helpful. Most viewers say they are upset, and only the third answer is that they found the discussion interesting.

“Ass” and “No Seeing”

The discussion was also analyzed in a focus group With 16 independent voters hosted by Republican Frank Luntz for the Los Angeles Times.

The focus group generally described Trump in harsher terms, such as “anarchist” and “confident ass.” Biden has been described as “competent” and “well-read” but also “sightless” and “predictable”.

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