TUI invests in the Scandinavian mountains: begins seven new trails to Saline-Trisl

Before the upcoming winter season, the Scandinavian Mountains airport, where SkiStar is one of 33 co-owners, will be expanded with another airline as TUI is investing in domestic flights into the Scandinavian mountains for the first time. Now SkiStar Sälen and Trysil will be much easier and more accessible for more guests this winter. TUI’s collaboration with Scandinavian Mountains Airport means seven new routes will open to Sälen-Trysil starting in December.

In December 2019, the Scandinavian Mountains Airport opened, the first in Sweden in 20 years. A unique regional investment with only 10-25 minutes to the SkiStar ski areas of Sälen and only 40 minutes to Norway’s largest ski resort, SkiStar Trysil.

– Before winter, we see a huge demand for holidays in the Scandinavian mountains and at SkiStar destinations. This means that the pressure will be great on the various transportation routes to the mountains this year. Many people take the car, bus or train to our destinations in Saline and Trysil. Now that TUI has made it possible for more people to travel to the Scandinavian Mountains airport, it will be very easy for our guests. We hope it will contribute to a smoother transportation for many who could avoid the car this year and also the long travel times for some, says Matthias Lindstrom, Commercial Director at SkiStar AB.

Throughout the winter you will be traveling from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Flying days are Thursdays and Sundays starting in December 2020. Flights to Växjö, Norrköping, Ängelholm and Copenhagen will be available during major weekends and winter holidays.

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The flight is climate compensation and TUI has taken careful measures to make it as safe and secure as possible in accordance with the currently prevailing guidelines and recommendations for air traffic.

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For more information from the media, please contact:

Adam Gyorki, Director of Communications TUI, Tel: +46 8-720 72 79,

Anders Bjernulf, Head of Communications, Scandinavian Mountains Airport, +46 (0) 70237 95 00,

Petra Hallibrant, Director of Public Relations and Communications SkiStar AB, +46 280841 60

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