Trump’s hidden hint of Melania in last night’s speech

The recent public appearance by ex-wife Melania Trump was an infamous act at Florida airport on January 20. She and her husband had just landed after their last flight with Air Force One, and while Donald Trump paused to wave to the press, Melania walked uninterruptedly from the scene.

Donald Trump paused and waved, Melania quickly turned away.

Photo: News agency TT MANUAL BALCE / AP TT

The incident got a lot talked about and since then it has been speculated whether Melania was tired of her husband and that they are surrounded by divorce speculation. Recently on Valentine’s Day, when Melania updated her Instagram account, without mentioning her husband.

TRUMP: She is the “future first lady”

But there are now signs that the former presidential spouses could stay together for a few more years. Sunday evening, Donald Trump spoke at the conservative CPAC Trade Show in Florida. Melania was not present despite being close to home, but was mentioned in Trump’s speech.

– The future first lady, Trump called her, according to L. daily Mail.

The words could also be seen as a hint that Donald Trump is planning to run for the 2024 presidential election.

Melania Trump’s luxurious life after four years in the White House

In the spa several hours a day.
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