Trump’s critics are debating forming a third party

Reactions to Former President Donald Trump’s Role in The attack on the Capitol building He was tough on a number of heavy Republicans including Senate party leader Mitch McConnell pointed out Trump is “practically and morally responsible” for the storm. McConnell chose to vote, though To acquit Trump is at the Supreme Court trial that ended on Saturday.

On Sunday, however, he came Information that a number of Republicans may be about to distance themselves from both Donald Trump and his party. According to four sources such as the news agency Reuters More than 120 Republicans discussed the issue at a meeting a week ago.

But few who attended the meeting were willing to go further to invite a new third party. According to Reuters sources, just over 40 percent voted for it while others hesitated.

Also included in the discussion To propose the formation of a group inside or outside the Republican Party and thus influence the party.

Many of those who attended the digital gathering told the news agency they were disappointed that more than half of their party colleagues in Congress, eight members of the Senate and 139 in the House of Representatives, voted to block Democrat Joe Biden being approved as the next United States. The president just hours before storming the Capitol on January 6.

It is clear that there are a number of Republicans, like me, gay and other leaders within the party, who want to see a clear break with President Trump, and we are now discussing some of the most basic principles such as truth and honesty, and former Congressman Charlie Dent says that democracy, and that the law should His followers CNN.

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One participant says Reuters indicated that there is a passion for a third party among the audience, which the person describes as “the biggest thing I’ve experienced in my life.”

Among those involved in this case are former partners of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, George W. Bush and Donald Trump, as well as former ambassadors and strategists.

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