Trump will make his first public speech since leaving the White House

This will be his first public appearance since leaving the White House. Donald Trump is expected to focus his speech on the future of Republicans – and perhaps raise his standing as a particular candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

The former US president – who has been suspended from Twitter for life and faces multiple criminal investigations – has remained out of sight since leaving the White House on January 20. Sunday’s speech at the Conservative CPAC Conference in Orlando, Florida, will be the first major public appearance of Donald Trump since his supporters stormed Congress on January 6.

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference brings together politicians, financiers, thinkers and media figures from the political right. It was at such a meeting that businessman Donald Trump took his first major steps toward politics in 2011.

When it is He is now again in the spotlight, and his rhetoric is expected to revolve around the future of the party he took over the leadership in by winning the election in 2016. According to Axio’s sources, this will be a show of strength as Trump emerges as the one who still makes his decisions within the Republicans. He could represent the kingmaker but may also be the “expected candidate” for the 2024 presidential election.

Senator Mitt Romney said earlier this week that Trump would continue to play a major role in the Republicans and would likely win the battle to become the party’s candidate for president if he wanted to.

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“He has the loudest voice and a lot of influence in my party,” Trump’s critic Republican said in a digital event.

The attack on the Capitol and the subsequent Supreme Court caused divisions among the Conservatives who do not agree on how to deal with the former president and his influence. Thousands have left the Republican Party recently.

The day after it was made clear that Trump would attend the conference, it was announced that his deputy, Mike Pence, had refused to speak. Their relationship has been in crisis since Pence refused to move to prevent Congress from approving Joe Biden’s election victory. Trump tweeted disparagingly about a pair of his horses, and during the storm some chanted “Hang Mike Pence.”

Senate leader Mitch McConnell will not attend, who believes despite the acquittal ruling in the Supreme Court that Trump bears “practical and moral” responsibility for the storm.

Aloud Some interpret the absence of Republican officials – and the presence of Trump – as a sign of the path the party may take in the future.

The list of speakers for the four-day conference also includes several former Trump employees, such as his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and environmental chief Andrew Wheeler. Senator Ted Cruz and House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also participate.

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