Trump says Giuliani’s test has tested positive for the Coronavirus

Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani shows Sunday Preview: Inches in Congress toward the stimulus package amid escalating COVID-19 How Trump’s electoral lawsuits have become his worst nightmare in Michigan over an alleged flatulence, unruly witness moreWho drove President TrumpDonald John Trump, Trump nominates Doug Collins to run in the elections against Kemp for the governor of Georgia, and Trump insists that the elections were “ rigged ” at a Republican rally in the Senate in Georgia, Trump offers his condolences to the family and friends of the Loeffler campaign employee who died moreThe president said on Sunday that the legal challenges he faces in trying to cancel the elections have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“@ RudyGiuliani, by far the greatest mayor in New York City’s history, who has been working tirelessly to expose the most corrupt (by far!) Election in US history has tested positive for the China virus. Improve soon Ruddy, we will continue !!!” Trump.

Giuliani is the latest member of Trump’s inner circle to contract the virus. Trump himself was injured and spent several days in the hospital in early October, his chief of staff, several senior advisers, his press secretary, his campaign manager, and his eldest son all tested positive since.

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The former New York City mayor is 76 years old, which puts him at greater risk of developing serious complications from the virus.

Giuliani’s diagnosis comes nearly two weeks after his son, Andrew, who works in the White House, was injured. It was tested positive Coronavirus. He also held a lengthy, internally, unmasked press conference in late November with Trump campaign advisor Boris Epstein, among others. Who have tested positive For COVID-19 soon after.

But the former New York City mayor chose not to quarantine at the time since he served as Trump’s lead attorney in his failed attempt to undermine the election results.

Instead, Giuliani was traveling to the battlefield states to appear in campaign events where he and some Republican lawmakers had collected allegations of voter fraud and argued against the president-elect. Joe BidenJoe Biden Trump to nominate Doug Collins in a race against Kemp for Georgia’s governor Trump insists the elections were “rigged” in a rally for Republicans in the Georgian Senate Biden’s victory, a vaccine, and a memory: Good karma for the Mediterranean? MoreInvalid victory. Giuliani visited Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona in just the past two weeks.

Giuliani failed to provide any evidence of widespread fraud in court, with judges in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan dismissing all cases for lack of them in recent weeks.

Trump refused to admit defeat in the election, insisting without evidence that it was stolen or fraudulent. Attorney General Bill Barr said last week his department He didn’t see any evidence Yet widespread fraud would alter the outcome.

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