Trump photo: “I don’t know if I should laugh or cry”

US President Donald Trump will soon be on a European tour and he has planned, among other things, a state visit to the Danish capital Copenhagen on September 2-3.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote that the US wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark – information the White House confirmed over the weekend. Danish and Greenlandic politicians distanced themselves from the prospect of Greenland becoming American.

Shortly thereafter, Trump announced on Twitter that the state visit would be postponed indefinitely.

I think it’s important to see that not everything is for sale. I think that could be a lesson, says Secretary of State Margot Wallstrom (S.)In the morning studio.

‘Totally weird’

Carl Bildt, who participated in the program via a link, says the event is “totally bizarre” and you have to “dive into the history books to find a similar event”.

It can be interpreted to mean that he does not really know what the state visits are. It is a symbolic sign of the good relationship between two countries. The United States and Denmark have been allies for a very long time. Bildt says Denmark is a loyal ally and has helped the United States in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

It is believed that the canceled visit to Denmark may have negative consequences.

Diplomatic consequences

– It likely has the effect of countries becoming skeptical about planning state visits with Donald Trump because he’s making strange demands – and he’s not getting over them, interrupts. State visits are a big thing to arrange, with high costs and a great deal of commitment.

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You seem upset?

I don’t know if I am upset or amused, if I should laugh or cry. He says that kind of thing just doesn’t happen.

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Trump and Greenland – in 60 seconds

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