Trump is making his first public appearance since leaving the White House

Tonight’s speech at the Conservative CPAC conference in Orlando, Florida, will be Donald Trump’s first major appearance since his supporters stormed Congress on January 6.

It is expected to be a word long as Trump will not follow any text. Trump is expected to attack the party comrades who opposed him during the Supreme Court proceeding, and to attack Joe Biden, among other things, for the immigration laws he tore apart, says US SVT correspondent Stephan Osberg.

Problems for the party

It is anticipated in advance whether Trump will announce that he will run in the 2024 election. But CBS News reports that Trump is unlikely to actually announce his candidacy tonight, an anonymous adviser said. For the channel.

It is not at all certain that he will clarify what he himself will do. This is a problem for the party, because as long as it does not provide information, there is no possibility for any other candidate to come forward, says Stefan Osberg.

He does not have formal political authority, but he is one of the most influential politicians in this country, as he is the one who points to the future of the party.

“By far the heaviest sound”

Senator Mitt Romney said earlier this week that Trump would continue to play a major role in Republicans and that he would likely win the battle to become the party’s candidate for president if he wanted to.

“He has the loudest voice and a lot of influence in my party,” Trump’s critic Republican said in a digital event.

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It caused a split

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference brings together politicians, financiers, thinkers and media figures from the political right.

When the former president now appears in the limelight, he will be the final figure of the conference. A former Trump adviser questions CPAC’s decision to welcome Trump back into the spotlight, he says CNN It was a setback for the split party after the attack on the Capitol and the subsequent Supreme Court.

The Donald Trump show will take place at 9:40 pm Sunday, Swedish time. SVT broadcasts the speech.

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