Truck and car in severe frontal collision on the E16

The alarm about the accident reached the police at 0822 hours. Then a truck and a car collided on the E16 / E45 in Torsby municipality.

According to the police, the two cars must have collided in the front, and there must be three people involved.

Several rescue units were alerted to the scene.

– An ambulance helicopter has now landed and another was reported to the site, Lars Hedlin said in the morning.

Great impact on traffic for a long time

There is currently a standstill on the road.

There will be a very large traffic impact, it is the road between Dalarna and Varmland. There is no other way to choose. If you are on your way across that road, you should stop and wait, Lars Hedelin said shortly after the accident.

– It is very slippery on the site and will not allow any traffic whatsoever until it backs there.

Two were taken to hospital

At 09.50 hours, two people were taken to the hospital, one by the ambulance helicopter and the other by the ambulance. According to the police, at least one person was seriously injured.

At 11:00, traffic was released by turns after the accident site and according to the Swedish Transport Administration, rescue work was expected to continue until 11:30.

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