Treasury Secretary Warren? Progressives are lining up to pressure Biden on their agenda

The database, which now includes 500 to 600 names, covers everything from ministerial positions to undersecretaries in more obscure executive branch offices and offices, such as the head of the Export-Import Bank and the director of the patent and trademark office. The group hopes to hand over the list to Biden’s transition team by the end of the week.

Progressives are realizing that their job in appointments and politics may be more difficult if there is a Republican Senate, as it appears increasingly likely. The appointments may not confirm key government posts that Republicans see as too far left, the course of action of Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican and majority leader, has already suggested he follow.

And without enough Democratic allies in the Senate, there is almost no chance of passing the room until the agenda Biden backed in the run-up to the election, such as lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60 from 65.

Adam Green, one of the founders of the Campaign for Progressive Change, a sister organization to the Institute for Progressive Change, and an ally of Ms. Warren, said.

Progressives have not given up hope of passing legislation, even if the Republican Senate is making it more difficult to do. They are optimistic that there is widely palatable legislation that the Senate may still pass, including a coronavirus relief bill, a federal minimum wage of $ 15 and an investment in infrastructure.

“I think if Joe Biden is in the White House, that changes the dynamic where people know there will be a president who will sign these things into law,” Ms. Jayapal said. “This will help us a lot.”

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Here’s the question: Will Republicans continue to support Trump’s infamous agenda even when he’s outside the White House? She added. “Or are they actually going to start speaking on behalf of their constituents?”

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