Train your brain with Ny Teknik tricks

Technology intersects, Sudoku, tectonics, bridge builders and Grimvall mini-problems. It is part of the content of Ny Teknik’s investment in so-called mental entertainment.

New tech tricks It is our new investment in providing you as a premium reader with a different type of content as well as our news, analytics, reports and reviews of technology and how technology is used.

Simply brain exercise in the form of technical crosses, difficult puzzles in the form of sudoku, tectonic builders and bridges in medium to difficult levels. Anyone who wants a real challenge can benefit from Professor Goran Grimfall’s classic mini-problems.

New tech tricks Includes technology-oriented crossword puzzle. We publish one in each issue of the newspaper. The intersection can of course also be solved digitally directly in the computer or mobile phone.

The digital version of intricacies and crossword puzzles is a blend of science, math, engineering, technology, and general education at a more demanding than usual level. In addition to crossword puzzles, you can challenge yourself with the so-called “snack puzzles” in the form of sudoku, tectonic and bridge puzzles.

We’ve also sent in material from our “eternal” employee and problem creator, Professor Goran Grimfall, who has worked with Ny Teknik for over 40 years. You can find his little problems at the bottom of the page for puzzles. Mini Problems are challenging, demanding, innovative and good brain exercises.

During the fall, we aim to expand the section with math problems, cryptocurrency, and other intricacies that require you to keep your head up front.

New tech tricks


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A major technical intersection is published in every issue of the Ny Teknik newspaper. The cross is also available online. Also here’s your monthly Teknikhistoria cross to solve the problem. In total, there will be three main intersections per month to deal with on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.


Sudoku is a popular type of numerical task that can be solved as just a relaxation or real idea, while at the same time helping you train your logical thinking. Fill in the grid so that each row, column, and 3 x 3 field contains every number from 1 to 9 once.


It is easy and fun to play Tectonic. A tectonic mission has several regions bordered by thick lines, with anything from 1 to 5 squares. You have to fill in the numbers from 1 to 5 in each area according to the number of squares the area contains. So the region with only one square must contain the first region, the region with the first and second squares, and so on. The number should not touch the same number in another area – either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

building bridges

All islands in the network must be connected by bridges. Build a bridge by clicking between the islands. Bridges can run vertically and horizontally but not diagonally, and they must not intersect each other. The number indicates the number of bridges to be built per island, and you can never build more than two bridges between two islands.

Grimval’s little problem

Göran Grimfall, Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics at KTH, has contributed to “small problems” in new technology for 42 years. Three mini-issues are now published simultaneously on about six occasions per year. The level is far from miniature, as Goran Grimfall himself says about the starting point:

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The majority of readers often do not have such experience that they can easily solve problems. But it should be easy to read and contain facts. I like to teach general approaches to problem solving, such as plausibility assessment, Goran Grimfall said in an interview marking the 40th anniversary in 2019.


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